Are they fucking kidding me !?
Okay, I sended an angry mail for the fourth time to the crew at and got this answer back:
Translation: '' Hello! We have temporary problems with so you won't be able to post the timed posts.
We are very sorry for this and will process this at an early date.
Sincerely ''
Okay!? So I guess we all have to wait then til' tomorrow, what the fuck is the problem now on this page!?
Sometimes I just hate technology, I hope we all could be cavemen writing on stones that we throw on eachother and hope that someone will read them later in history -.-'' Or better! We all could be pink clouds and just sit up there in the sky watch all fools down her messing with internet and pages, just like I am doing right now -,-''
Guess if I am really mad about this? -.-''
It will show up tomorrow instead, I can't do anything about this now :'( I am very sorry... I tried...
I'll see ya tomorrow, it will show then ! And I hope have fixed that problem til' then or I throw my computer through the window, smoke a cigarette and tell myself quietly: ''Patience''
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