Day 2: A musicvideo I like

Well, I know that Kerli was She of the week, but she has so many vids that I like. I think they're azzum, and also they're something different, and definiately alternative! Me likey, likey! :D
LIFE OF alternative dag 2 day 2 dreads emo fashion goth heiduskaja makeup mode musik punk rock smink video youtube

Day 2: A picture of my makeup

LIFE OF alterative bubblegoth cyber cyberpunk dreads emo fashion heiduskaja makeup mode punk rock goth smink

Today, I'm engaged to CarroW! <3

Today when I and my darling Carrow sat and had a picnik on a little rock by the water on Mali, I purposed to her! The picnic wasn't a very lucky shot cuz insects got in to our sandwitches and none of us ate them, and for a little moment we both sat there and was in a little bad mood. The whole thing with the sandwitches was kinda fun actually, when CarroW threw hers in the water and said:
-Hell no that I'm gonna eat that -.-
And then I threw mine and said:
-Then I'm not gonna eat mine either! -.-
And then when we smoked a cigarette to calm our nerves, i took a little black heartshaped box from my pocket and opened it in front of her, looked in her eyes and asked: ''Do you want to marry me?''
She said yes! <3
This is a  very memorable day!
Heiduskaja <3 CarroW !!