One pill a day and I will be doubletanned immediatly!

hNow! It's time for me to get more colour on my skin, I will begin to be a great visitor on the solarium and I've ordered a little help on the way as well! I ordered Vitalasa Solbrun pills, by taking one pill every day and go to the solarium every second day which will be like at least 3 times a week! When you eat these pills then you will get more colour faster and faster the more you go to the solarium, so I hope it will work! I've never taken any pills before that will be a help on the way to get tanned so I look forward to see the result ;)
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I'm so sorry, I wrote it wrong!

Good evening kittens!
I have to apologize about one thing that I wrote about 30 seconds to mars, one of my friends saw that I had written the wrong month of when 30 seconds to mars comes to sweden and it's not  in july, it's in JUNE! I wrote the wrong month, omg, how silly of me xD
Anyway, now I'm gonna cut my shirts because I'm so fucking tired of them, let's see how destryed they'll get? And I still remind you! Don't forget to ask me questions, you still got a chance to get answers, til' sunday morning you can ask! :) See ya later kittens!
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Svar på frågestunden - PART 1

Hur länge har du haft dreads?
Varför skriver du på engelska?
Hello there! :D
I've had dreads for almost 4 years, I bought my first ones over the net from a girl who selled her old ones. That when I began to use dreads I became like obsessed! I had before allways dreamt about to have dreads, but not til' then I bough my first ones I realised this is really me :) I've had an alternative style for 7 years, but the dreads pimped it up pretty much and reflected me as the most :)
I write in english because I want to come out with my blog more international, as well I have many readers from other countries who doesn't at all know swedish so that's the reason why :)
Here's a picture of me from 2007:

From: Linnea Harila Blomqvist http://neapocalypse.blogg.se/
Vars bor du? :)
Hi! :) I live in Haparanda Sweden, it's very north haha! :) Many doesn't know where Haparanda is but it's the twincity with Tornio, Finland. But it's not like 1 city, it's 2 cities, the only thing is that they are very close to eachother, for me, it takes 5 minutes walk to cross the line to Finland :)

From: Matila Ljungberg (http://thiisa.blogg.se/)
Favorit minne?
Bästa filmen du vet?
Hur många hårfärger har du haft?
Hi! Omg, I have a lot of favorite memories! But I guess one of the absolute best memories I have was when I changed school from Töre to Haparanda! I was bullied in Töreskolan for over 8 years and I never established myself there because of the bullying, for many years I had no friends. When I began the school in Haparanda which was 9th grade, I got a lot of new friends and at last I was accepted as well for how I looked and how I was, no one bullied me anymore! It was then I as well met CarroW, who I am now engaged to :)
I have a lot of favorite movies as well, but I like Tim Burton's movies a lot! One of the best is the classic Edward scissorhands, I think it has a very moving and deep story :)
If you mean my dreads, then it's a lot, pink, blue, green, neonyellow, black...! But my usual hair, I've only coloured it twice, first time I had black dip/dye and my own colour (my own haircolour is called sandy) and now when I coloured my own hair for the second time I coloured red dip dye :)
Here are all my colours that I've had in my natural hair, 1st pictues - sandy (my natural colour), 2nd pics - black dipdye, 3rd pictures - red dipdye
Favorit händlese du har varit med om?:)
Vad gör du när du ser en snygg kille?
vilka 5 bloggar läser du varje dag?
Hi! One of the most favorite experiences that I've had was actually when I went to Mallorca in 2 weeks with CarroW and her family, it was a bit random actually.. I found out in sort of the last minute that they were going and then from nowhere I wanted to go with them and so did CarroW too, so I gathered over 11.000 kronors in 2 weeks to be able to pay for the trip and as well I gathered extra money to be able to be there as well and buy stuff :) It was quite fun! :)
When I see a guy who looks good, well I ignore him :) I think that hopefully, he won't hit on me because I wouldn't be interested anyway! I'm engaged and in love with CarroW and that's meant to be :)
Here are the 5 blogs that I read everyday:
From: KassandraPalma (kassandra.blogg.se)
Du sminkar dig jätte fint, men hur kom du på den iden?
Hello! Oh, thank you! :D
Well, I didn't use makeup until in 9th grade when I changed school, before I was allways without makeup! When I found the interest to makeup, my girlfriend CarroW helped me a lot! She helped me with how to draw your eyebrows etc, which I'm pretty good at now I think xD I began with a experiment called ''colours'' because I wanted to do everything alternative but that still looked good, I had a lot black in the first year, and then the colours really begun! I got more skilled for everytime i put on my makeup.. So my idea began with alternative and colourful, I got the idea from that so many makeups looked so boring, so pale and so non cooloured, and then it was like: ''Yes! I'm gonna have makeup with colours with an alternative nisch!''
 Here's my first serious tutorial that I did with simple black and white makeup with red lips added, I did this black makeup very often when I didn't wear the dreads:
More answers will show up tomorrow, so be updated! :D
Don't forget to check out the kittens blogs who have asked me the questions, their blog links can you find beside their names where they ask their questions!
Hugs to you all!
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