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Are you really happy about what you see in the mirror?

Well, here comes an old selfconfidence boost that's taken from my old blog (heiduskaja.bloggspace.se), I thought it would be nice to repost it, especially now when it's halloween soon and to spread the truth to everyone so they begin to think before they decide to not go to for example a halloween ball or something!
I'm sure of that no one is, but what's so dangerous with yourself? I HATE to look myself in the mirror because sometimes I can feel myself like an awful person because I'm not like everyone else.  But think positive as I use to do when those words come into my head: What and who would you be then if not yourself?
Ofcourse there's no one who are perfect, but why should we go after something called perfect, when you are born to be like you are. Doesn't that mean that you are perfect as you are and that't why you have given you life?
You think you're fat? - Accept it, weigh yourself and ask an dietist of what they think. Don't stop eating and become an anorexi person, cuz you will nothinhg more than hurt yourself and others if you do. And if you do, try to see the warnings that others send to you. Or wear a corset..
You're ugly? - What do others think? And what do you think of them and what do they think about themselves? Then, look in the mirror again.
You can't look better than you do? - Congratulations. Don't be a cunt to other people because you just know ''you can'', cuz that what makes you not deserve it, and one day it will come back at'ya if you loose the respect to others. Thinking that you are the most beautiful and the best in the world won't help you anywhere else than into that people will hate you.
We all are and look in our ways to be beautiful and to be You, face it.
So I ask again: Are you happy about what you see in the mirror?
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What's your plans during Halloween?

What's your plans for Halloween? Will you go trick or treating with your littlesisters and brothers, or will you have a scary Halloween Party at home with a lots of booze and friends? Or, just be alone at home with your family? 
The plans for me and my girlfriend is that we gonna just be home and have some nice halloween dinner and watch some scary movies, last halloween we had the greatest hallowen party ever! But we can't have that now because Lola has her pups and they need calm and rest as hell. They only sleep and eat! Anyway, no ppl in out house at halloween! Then later, we'll go out in a costume or something, I mean, why not? :) It's still halloween so you can go and scare she shit out of ppl! It's sad that we are so old now (old!?), I wish I could be a kid.. U know, go out for trick or treating!
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