My blogdesign got fucked up yesterday because...
During 2 hours yesterday my blog looked like this which was quite wtf as well for you as it was for me... Well the reason was because I put a new commercial on my blog so the whole design got fucked up and I had to fix it as fast as I could, you had to scroll down as much as you could to even see the categories :O I couldn't aloud that, so I fixed it right away! Haha, I have quite much codes on my blog to be able to have this design that I want so if they mix up in the wrong way then my whole design is fucked up...
I'm actually thinking of a new design, is there anyone out there who have a little idea that they want to suggest for me? How do you think my design should look if it's gonna be the best? :P
Don't be shy, and comment your ideas! :D I like to corporate guys! :D
Btw, I'm having a link exchange with this
cute girl, come one! Check out her blog! :)
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