Even parents can bully parents - DON'T YOU DARE TREAT MY MOTHER LIKE THIS!

I am so fucking sick of adults, and to top it all, telling my mom straight in the face that she has been'' lax'' with me, then tha she has not raised me right and that she does not care about me. Many believe that she's still going to take care of me as I would be thirteen. EXCUSE ME, good old-timers out there, but I'm actually an adult, well-mannered, respect my fellow man, stands for my own actions and choices in life, who I am, standing in my opinions and I have a hell of a strong will among others follow my dreams and fulfill them!
I'm not addicted to alcohol or drugs and do not have an eating disorder!
I am adult enough to not go and lie things around town about private lawsuit, I am adult enough to take responsibility for what I say and write, I am adult enough not to be rude, I'm adult enough to look for work and to go forward in life, I am adult enough to understand etiquette, I am adult enough to pay bills and take care of my own apartment, I am adult enough to know my rights and obligations, I am adult enough to know that you have to work in order to survive in this dirty society, and I became an adult enough thanks to proper upbringing of my mom THAT HAVE BEEN ALONE WITH ME who has always been a fucking stubborn and willful child!

I have been depressed like hell, because what OTHERS have done to me and the ways they have hurt me - all parents are doing wrong but my mother HAVE NEVER HURT ME! She has taught me about life! Shown me a lot of the world! Helped me to survive! She was the one who sat all day with me and helped me with my homework because I some days did not want to go to school BECAUSE I WAS BEATEN AND harassed by STUDENTS AND ADULTS! She was the one who taught me how to respect other people AND HOW TO BEHAVE! She was the one who gave me love and encouragement TO CONTINUE FIGHT FOR PUTTING MY DREAMS! She was the one who did not have much time BUT GAVE ALL HER TIME TO ME ANYWAY! She was the one who could not always curb my desires but TAUGHT ME THE LIMITS OF LIFE AND RESPECT! She was the one who never harassed or BEAT HER CHILD! She was the one who taught me that there is nothing wrong to be yourself BUT TO UNDERSTAND OTHER PEOPLE! She was the one who always made sure THAT I GET THE BEST OF LIFE AND SAY NO TO DRUGS!
My mom has always LOVED ME AND DO IT YET!


What the helll does adults then mean by saying that she raised me wrong, and everything else that shit that spread?




The ones I know have said, the children who are drug addicts, been raised in a wrong way, dependent on their parents as if they were 13, even though they're 30 ..! YOU people sit and compare me with drug addicts? Who among us is who feels bad because their mothers, I still have a mother who supports me, but those who have a mother who does not care if the kid pulls a few lines every day? What about them?

Who are those who have raised their children right, when my mother has taught me what is right and wrong and everything in between, but then YOU commend your children FOR ERRORS AND NOT FROM childhood LEARNED THE COURT WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG!?


My mother has informed me of what the consequences of certain choices one makes can provide, have any of you ''perfect people'' told your children what the consequences of their choices gives? Or MUST they realize the fact that you did not dare inform your children about this because you do not know how you would do?

If you are going to now tell my mom that she did not care about me and that she raised me wrong, what kind of  role models are you for your children who talk shit about people behind their backs and depresses them confrontally without even a sensible ground to stand on? Is it really a PARENT to look up to?
If I would have any of you as my mom, I'd never seen you as a role model, and over my dead body, never seen you as a worthy parent!
You're damn nearly 60 years ! You have a child who is about 30 who have gone astray in life!
HELP TO COURT THEM TO GET AWAY FROM IT, AND alcoholism and drugs instead of comparing me with your own children! I have a mother who I love and who have always done her best for me! I've never felt bad about my mom, even though I only have one parent, she has fulfilled my childhood with so much joy!


I am 20 years, educated, job searching, have my own apartment, soon driving license, relationship and no problems with drugs, alcoholism, etc. - the only thing I have trouble with is SCUMBAGS LIKE YOU who even dare to depress my mom and tell her that I feel bad to have such a'' useless mother.''

I'm going to say it straight out: Why don't you ask me? If anyone would be harmed by the education of life I received from my mother, wouldn't that be me?

TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN KIDS BEFORE YOUR AGE ARE TOO HIGH, because my mom has managed to take care of me and accompany me on the right path in life!

This text is dedicated to the people who talk shit about my mom and the people who compare me with addicts and their own children.
Nobody who haven't talked badly about my mother, don't have to react to any of this.

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